Motherbrain Malfunction

Motherbrain Malfunction Titelbild

Our plan is to destroy the planet's core by using high-energy radiation. To produce this radiation, we rely on extraterrestrial post-digital synth devices and metamorphic ultrasound guitars. blended together by the spirit of the motherbrain. We believe in guidance by the motherbrain. We believe in recreation by the motherbrain. But we also believe in failure. Be prepared.


Dualism Cover

TN 003

Typ: Album
Jahr: 2016
Format: Download

01 Illuminated
02 Transplant
03 Otherside (Part 1)
04 Sunrise (feat. Chris Kay)
05 A Place For The Lost
06 Asteroid
07 Fuzzy Logic
08 Mutation
09 Otherside (Part 2)
10 Subsequence
11 Back From The Stars
12 Twisted Reality
13 Spiral
14 The Final Dream